.@Telefonica_En The largest telecommunications company in Spain is now accepting payments in Litecoin โšก

My original ARK2.0 cleared well over 1k rounds yesterday after competing with it again on Sat and mag dumping another 200+ through it on Monday

Hey everyone, I don't want to make a scene or anything but i got raided, ill be taking a small break. I am ok, just lost some of the guns i had. And got a decent ass chewing.

@SwarmTechDesign latest release drops tomorrow The Monarch. With our good friends @3D_Arms and @middletonmadeโ€™s Apple Pie release. Best friends forever!!

Canโ€™t stop.

Wont stop.

Must. Proliferate. Harder.


#ARK2 #AssaultingWeapons #WeaponsOfMassHysteria #BiodegradableAR15 #SaveTheTrees #PlantTheSeeds #GUNCAD #DIY #AWCY

President Biden @POTUS

It's time we ban assault weapons in this country.

Went to a gun buy back today. Got rid of 5 unwanted harlots (they had a $599 limit) they gave me $500 in cash. Thanks . @BlackLotusColit @ModeratorGage @CobraEconomics @awcy_arms @FayettevillePD

Beautiful DB9 Slim from the beta tester swiftstealth. I get a lot of questions as to why this design isnโ€™t released yet. I donโ€™t have a good answer - sometimes things like documentation really slow me down and I get distracted with other projects. Anyone else relate to that?

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