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Escaped from Exile

Most recently in his line of sight, additive manufacturing. Simultaneously pushing the limits of polymer, while literally pushing polymer, Zip is always on the hunt for the next challenge.


Linktree has shortcuts that will connect you to releases, build guides, social media and more. Explore the unknown, mash some links.

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the Video Game

Play Invader Zip’s video game! With the help of Capecoviroboti and Orion, each level was designed with our community in mind. If you feel like you know a few characters, you just might. What a great way to make a discount codes available!

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Zips' Youtube

In all honesty, YouTube has been severely neglected. Sign up now and be one of the first 500 Subscribers. Claim those bragging rights before all your friends join the trend and say they’ve BEEN following. No they haven’t. You know, I know, GIR knows…


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